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  • Execellent location, very friendly service from the hosts and reliable internet
    5 ud af 5

    Vallon Pont d'Arc is a little cosy village with a center around a square were you will encounter a sudden amount of tourists - a lot of them french. The atmosphere is relaxed and not cynical at all like in Avignon for example. Just outside the town center there is no tourists and you will encounter the friendly french local habitants and you will wonder how they can drive and park their cars in some of the narrow streets and small plateaus for parking. (You can drive your own car in the town without getting in trouble - just don't try to do the same as the locals). The rented house is a very old house of stone called the Bastide. L'enfants du Barry is a floor apartment and quite big. There is another smaller apartment completely separated in another part of the house. The Bastide was for orphaned children. We didn't see any child ghosts :-) Probably because The Bastide back then was a friendly environment for the children so there is no unfinished business for at ghost to solve out - but there is a lot of traces of the history in the house and that's interesting. The internet in the house is very good in the living room and not bad in the other rooms. We were able to stream Formula 1 in the best quality without any problems on a laptop while a teenager was playing World of Warcraft and another teenager was on Spotify and YouTube. From the house you will be pretty close to everything. Don't park your car outside the house, it can be scratched - find the parking place just around a few corners and remember to use the parking ticket from the key locker in the house. It is a must to try the river with the boats, it's not dangerous and very easy to learn - we used LouLou Bateaux but there is a lot to choose from. Also see the Orgnac cave and the Madeleine cave. And the tree climbing not far away is a fun challenge - good for idle boys and girls. Don't under estimate the tougher levels. In the town there is a very good food market thursday morning and the rest of the day - the other market Tuesday evening is just a lot of plastic trash from travelling sales people, forget about that. All in all there are a lot of houses to rent in the neighborhood, but this one is a pearl with good internet. My respect and good wishes to the owners Francoise and Christian - and me and my family also sends them a hug.

    Dato for ophold: Jul 2018